Face masks unlikely to cause over-exposure to CO2, even in patients with lung disease

The wearing of face masks during the corona pandemic has been controversies as there have been mixed claims. While there have been false reports against wearing face masks, recent research of Annals of the American Thoracic Society has contradicted the prior established statement that wearing face masks can lead to carbon dioxide poisoning by trapping CO2.

Another study by Michael Campos Co-authors titled “Effect of Face Masks on Gas Exchange in Healthy Persons and Patients with COPD” carried out a comparative analysis of healthy versus chronically ill individuals before and using surgical masks. According to it, the effects are almost negligible even on patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. However, a general feeling of shortness of breath or tiredness can be experienced.

Moreover, Dr. Campos has briefly shed light on Dyspnea. He said that shortness of breath felt with masks cannot be equated with obstruction in breathing. This happens due to the mere restriction of airflow or hyperventilation. This particular feeling can be easily overcome by losing the mask, unlike the chronic diseases that need adequate treatment.

In addition to this, the given study has also highlighted the importance of wearing a face mask for the prevention of COVID-19 infection. In the absence of a surgical face mask, the use of at least two layers is recommended. For people with lung diseases, any chances of getting infection must be minimized. For this, they can follow the general sanitary procedures. These include washing of hands, observing social distance. Etc.

By sharing this information, Dr. Campos has effectively eliminated all the false information arising after the public hearing in Florida and urged the public to use masks for their personal safety and well-being.

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