COVID curfew limits the family gatherings

The upsurge of the second wave of COVID forced the people to remain indoors and restricted them from celebrating traditional festive such as thanksgiving dinners. Nevertheless, some families failed to take this difficult step and enjoyed the festive season with their loved ones.

The national poll suggested, “ the parents weighed the competing priorities and felt the family gathering traditions should be continued as ultimately we have to live with this.” However, three-quarters of the population planned to follow good protocols at the gathering to avoid the spread.

Clark reported, “ the extended periods of lockdown have flustered the parents and kept the children apart from their grandparent; thus,missing this festive holiday was difficult for them.”

Thus Clark felt, “ an alternative way should be designed to let the families celebrate the holiday more safely and preserve traditions.”  Such as inviting the limited guest to the gatherings and requesting people with any sign of COVID to avoid visiting. Regardless, there stillremains a risk of the infection spread to the old adults as children have started their schooling and may transmit the infection.

The statistics revealed that 61% of people host family gatherings from which 40% travel from the outside state; however, this season only 18% reported traveling outside the state due to the infection risk. A survey conducted further confirmed two-thirdsof families are planning for an intimate gathering, out of which 88% will refrain from inviting a guest who ignores safety practices or have COVID symptoms.

Clark said, “such practices would create difficulty for the host; however, enforcing these rules and maintaining social distance would reduce infection risk.” Nonetheless, in real-time,this is not feasible to control the social distance between a guest in a lengthy dinner, maintain a voice etiquette and enforce people to wear a mask.

Therefore, this year the families should focus more on engaging children with festive activities,enjoy homemade food, play outdoor games, video call relatives and limit the gathering to close family members to create lasting memories during this season.

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