Pandemic increases stress leading to reduced employee engagement

The upsurge in COVID cases provoked a sense of morality in many people. The Study performed in China and the US showed that the high-stress level-triggered low employee engagement at offices. However, efficient corporate governance successfully controls the anxiety and stress among the employees, and proactively promotes work engagement.

A study conducted in Eastern China assessed the perception of 163 employees at an information technology firm, which revealed that with the passing day, the increase in the death toll raised employee’s anxiety and triggered a sense of low engagement at work. Regardless, many emphasized  the importance of servant leaders who actively attended to employee’s needs provided emotional support, and empowered them to contribute to communities.

According to Hu, servant leaders in today’s time proved helpful in uplifting the employees’ well-being,  personal growth, and reduced anxiety. These servant leaders  not only supported the employees in promoting happiness but also facilitated each employee to channel their stress and stimulate a positive pro-social attitude and behavior through helping the less fortunate in the communities.

Coinciding with the statement, two studies in the US surveyed to assess  servant leadership’s influence on the anxiety level. The participants felt that servant leadership exhibited a supportive role for the employees to lower their anxiety with their death due to COVID. Likewise, the Chinese studies revealed that the employees reading more alarming news without a supportive leader developed fear of death and limited their social engagement.

Each participant was provided with an opportunity to donate a small amount upon will. The participants who acknowledged the servant leadership demonstrated a positive attitude in serving the community compared to participants who visualized a less supportive leadership role. Thus, all the participants in these studies acknowledged that the type of leadership  impacted pro-social behavior.

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