Dental schools prepare to fight pandemic with safety regulatories

The inevitable spread of COVID 19 is a menace for many, especially the health care workers. The disease is known as severe acute respiratory syndrome CoV 2, which emerged from China and later spread worldwide. The infection spreads rapidly through personal contact and respiratory droplets that mandates to wear a face mask and shields for protection. However, amidst COVID 19 lot of dental schools were also closed down for the protection of the students and doctors.

A study published in the Journal of Infection in the Developing Countries reviewed the available evidence-based data to analyze the proper protocol followed for the dental schools for to open safely. The common guideline followed included infection prevention and control measures for COVID-19 in dental schools.The team identified special emphasizes on wearing mask and surgical clothing for procedures along with training for hand hygiene. For the facility, special disinfection and hygiene was observed for protection of the students.

The lead author, Helena C Maltezou reported, “ the major risk lies with an asymptomatic patient arriving in the OPD. Many studies highlight the data about COVID transmission dynamics but limited knowledge is gained regarding the transmission in healthcare settings.”  The dental practice was noted as a high-risk place for exposure of COVID 19 due to numerous factors such as interpersonal contact with the patients’ oral and nasal cavities, saliva, blood and upper respiratory tract fluids during the handling of sharp instruments, and the frequent Aerosol Generating Procedures in many dental procedures.

Moreover, the contagious nature allows them to the harbor on various materials and within aerosols, especially indoor environments, influenced by temperature and humidity. Thus, raises the risk of engaging patients and healthcare workers in dental schools.

Considering the patient symptom status and indoor facility, the proper protocol should be implemented related to disinfection, the solution used, personal protection equipments, mask, gloves and patient safety.

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